Frequently Asked Questions

What is Unravel Science?

Unravel Science is a quarterly book subscription service that sends you a newly published non-fiction book (released within the last 60 days) along with an assortment of items delivered right to your door. Each Unravel Science box has an exciting theme that typically reflects the book for that quarter. Most items within the box are created by us, while others are designed by various Etsy shops and other online-based businesses. 

How much does it cost?

Our boxes are $55.99 (USD) and include free US shipping!

How does it work?

Choose from our quarterly (every 3- months) or 4 quarter prepay (every 12 months) option. We'll ship you a box until you say when!

Can I try a box without subscribing?

Absolutely! Once in checkout, check the box labeled 'This is a Gift.' Gift boxes are one-time, non-renewing orders, so you will not be charged a recurring charge. If you purchase a gift box and fall in love, email us at, and we'd be happy to change this to a regular subscription for you! 

When will I be billed?

If you are a new subscriber, you will be charged for your first box at checkout. Subsequent boxes will be shipped on the 1st every three months (March, June, September, December). If you are on the 4 quarter prepay (annual) plan, you will be charged once a year, including 4 boxes upfront before your next scheduled renewal. Renewal day is always the 1st of the month. If you need to skip a box, please do so before the 30th/31st. 

How much is shipping? 

Economy shipping and handling are included in the price of the box for Continental U.S. subscribers. It's $9.99 to ship to Canada, and for the rest of the world, it's $27.50. 

What is your returns policy? 

We do not offer returns. If for any reason your package was unsatisfactory, please email us at Please let us know within 2 weeks of delivery. 

How do I track my package?

Packages begin to ship around the 21st of March, June, September, and December over the course of a few days. Once your box has been shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number for your package. 

Lost/ stolen package?

After your box has been shipped, you will receive a tracking number. Once your package is dropped off at USPS, it's the responsibility of the Postal Service. If you do not receive your package, please e-mail us at We will try to track the package to the best of our ability. Please contact us via email within 7 days of your package not arriving. After 7 days tracking and filing a claim will be up to the buyer. To file a claim, visit 

Want to collab with Unravel Science? 

Please email for more information. 

Have any other questions or concerns?

We're happy to help! Please email us at