About Us

Unravel Science was created by the owner and box curator Sherria Anthony. Having always been an avid reader, she wished to combine her love of books and science as, like PB &J, they're better together. 

At the core of Unravel Science is a mission: we believe that science is for everyone - not just the experts or professionals, but the science enthusiasts and fellow book lovers as well. Because science is everywhere - and everyone should have equal access to it. 

With the many pressures of daily life, it can be overwhelming or time-consuming to read a book. Not to mention a dense non-fiction book. We take the guesswork out of selecting your next great read by curating a selection of items based on an exciting theme.

We put science in your hands.  

Stuck on the same old reading list?

Unravel Science will send you a fresh, new book every 3 months.